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Red Portal Earrings

Red Portal Earrings

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This one is a head-turner!

The motive of Pag lace is etched into the metal surface using eco-friendly methods. We use salty water (sea) and electrical current to make this magic happen. This method results in a very organic-looking result, making every piece unique.

Made from high-quality aluminum 99.5 - the pendant, and medical stainless steel 304 -the earing base. Both are hypoallergenic materials, very resilient, and safe to wear.

Aluminum is beautiful and shiny in a cold silver tone. If it loses a little shine, use a jewelry cleaning cloth to polish it.

The process of etching needs a person to be a master of the technique and it requires undivided attention to be successful. All our jewelry is hand shaped and polished. 

Dimensions: roughly 4.5 cm

+ red coral


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Suncana More: "I care a lot for my ecological footprint so I make my business decisions in consideration of nature and sustainability. That is a big imperative for me and we should all be very aware that any "trash" we produce is not going to disappear..."

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